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We solve real issues facing our customers and create new value through “intelligent” synergy in various fields.



Proposing and implementing concrete solutions based on the latest IT and economic and social trends

Through collaboration with Research & Development, the Economic Research Center and the Fujitsu Group, we provide concrete solutions in every field, from the public sector to the financial and industrial sectors. We think with our customers and offer effective consultations by fully utilizing IT solutions.

Research & Development

Developing and proposing solutions for complex management issues by integrating science with IT

We maximize the use of leading-edge mathematical and statistical methods and apply the latest developments in information technologies to quantify and solve problems facing business operations. This consistently leads to new solutions to our customers' management issues. Finally, we continue to support customers until the new methods take root in our partners' on-site operations.

Economic Research

Leveraging global research to make proposals for the future development of society, the economy and industry

We provide insights into coming changes in society, the economy and industry from a medium- to long-term global perspective, and make extensive policy proposals. Our team of economists with diversified backgrounds and advanced expertise collaborate with research institutes in Japan and overseas to advance research concerning real and pressing economic and social issues.