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Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

It is not too exaggerating to say Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer is the most dominant analysis technologies for organic substance (solid state). When analyzing organic substance, it is very common to measure with FT-IR in the first place. The technology is utilized in analyzing foreign material, etc.
When irradiate infrared beam on substance, light beams with specific wave length are selectively absorbed; and resulting infrared absorption spectrum is inherent to independent solid-state substance, just like the finger print is inherent to individual. Further, since the timing of wavelength infrared absorption is associated with partial structure of the substance, knowing infrared absorption spectrum enables us to identify chemical structure of unknown substance. In FT-IR, light emitted from infrared light source comes into interferometer to produce interference wave (interferogram), which pass through the specimen. In passing, lights are selectively absorbed depending on their vibration frequency specific to vibration energy of atom or atomic group in molecule constituting the specimen.

The signal captured in detector is transformed (Fourier transform) in computer, to provide infrared spectrum specific to the specimen.


Analysis of foreign material contaminating memory module

Foreign material
Foreign materialMeasure foreign material (about 0.1mm) contaminating memory module by means of FT-IR.
 IR spectrum of black foreign material
IR spectrum of black foreign material
 IR spectrum for black connectors
IR spectrum of connector

Form the spectrum, the foreign material was identified as nylon resin, which is same to the substance used in connector. For confirmation, onnector was analyzed with FT-IR, the spectrum obtained was same as that of foreign material. Foreign material was identified as scrap coming from connector cutting.

FT-IR chart: ABS resin composition

IR spectrum of  ABS resin

From given infrared absorption spectrum, calculate composition ratio of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. Checking composition ratio is essential to keep resin characteristics such as mechanical strength at the stable appropriate level.