Company Outline

Company nameEurofins FQL Ltd.
Office1-1, Shinogura, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa, 212-8510, Japan
PresidentAkihiko Nagakura
  • Founded
    April, 1994  as Fujitsu Analysis Laboratory Ltd.
  • Established
    August, 2006  as Fujitsu Quality laboratory Ltd.
  • Changed the company name
    July, 2021  to Eurofins FQL Ltd.
Shareholder100% Eurofins EAG Materials Science Japan Holding (July 1, 2021)
BusinessReliability evaluation, Failure analysis of electronic devices, Supplier audit, Material analysis, Quality consulting, Environmental analysis, Support for the regulatory compliance (RoHS, etc), Support for QMS (Quality Management System) , etc.

Our Product

Eco checker

Worrying about the corrosive environment in your factory, office or living environment?
As a part of our mission to contribute our customer to improve the working or living environment, we developed environmental diagnosis kit, "Eco checker". This simple kit would sure to help you to diagnose the corrosive substances that may cause the facility, the machine or human health problems.

If you are already Eco checker user and looking for the procedure and operation manual to start diagnosis of the corrosive environment with "Eco checker", please visit our Eco checker page.

Eco cheker

Eco cheker


We basically take orders from Japan domestic companies. If you have inquiry, please ask to your broker (Japanese company) to contact us. Thank you.

To get more information about us, please visit our Japanese Web site.

Japanese Web site

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