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Fujitsu demonstrates Next Generation 100GbE CFP4 Transceiver at OFC 2014

March 06, 2014

Kawasaki, Japan, March 6, 2014- Fujitsu Optical Components Limited (FOC) announced today that a live demonstration of its next generation 100GbE CFP4 transceiver will take place at OFC (*1)2014 next week in San Francisco, California, USA. This transceiver is designed to comply with the 100 Gigabit Ethernet LR4 and next generation CFP4 MSA specifications. The demonstration can be viewed in FOC's booth #3445 at the Moscone Center, March 11-13, 2014.

New services such as mobile broadband using smart devices, social networking, cloud computing, and on-line streaming have led to a rapid increase in the volume of communications traffic. This has created a great demand for 100G optical networks. 100 GbE optical networks are spreading as a result of the ever increasing demand for larger capacity, higher port density, and lower cost in the IP networks that connect the data center to the metro network.

The OFC 2014 demonstration will display the optical output waveform and received optical signal bit error rate from a prototype CFP4 transceiver compliant with the CFP4 MSA. FOC will show that this prototype transceiver meets the 100 Gigabit Ethernet specifications. The data rate of this CFP4 transceiver is compliant with both the 100GbE and OUT-4 standards. The electrical interface of the CFP4 transceiver is a 25G x 4 lane electrical interface compliant with the OIF (*2)CEI-28G-VSR specification.

FOC has plans for a future production release of this CFP4 MSA compliant transceiver. This product will help facilitate the development of the compact, low power consumption, 100Gbps optical network equipment that is needed to connect the datacenter with the Metro IP Networks.

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Glossary & Notes

(*1)Acronym for Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibtion

(*2)Acronym for Optical Internetworking Forum. The OIF is an organization that promotes standardization for the equipment and components used in optical networks.


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