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“Global Help Desk” – for enterprises and their individual customers


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Offering New Multilingual Services; Call Center, Onsite Technical Assistance, Translating Services

Fujitsu Network Solutions Limited( *1)(hereinafter referred to as FNETS) today announced its new multilingual support-service, the Global Help Desk.
The service is available in multiple languages, Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, etc., providing assistance for globally expanding companies and new comers.
"Global Help Desk" is intended for not only for such enterprises but also for their end-customers, and is made up of "Global Call Center Service" operated 24/7 via telephone, e-mail and the Web, and "Multi-Lingual Service" which provides a variety of technical support such as interpretations at face-to-face meetings/conference-calls, translation services, and onsite technical assistance by engineers of different levels depending on requirements.
FNETS is highly experienced in providing multilingual, multi-vendor support in more than 50 countries world-wide by its "Global Technical Assistance Center" (hereinafter referred to as G-TAC) located in Yokohama Headquarters.
This new offering is based on the know-hows accumulated through G-TAC activities FNETS has been involved in for many years and is aimed at enterprises and their customers.

  In recent years, enterprises aiming for globalization are facing problems such as follows:

Global Technical Assistance Center (Located in FNETS Headquarters)

  • Establish local customer-support offices when selling their products in foreign countries.
  • Perform day-to-day business activities with foreign branch offices located in different time zones.
  • Build healthy relationships with overseas customers through communications in local commercial languages.

    FNETS has experience in providing a number of services supporting multivendor ICT infrastructure in multiple languages, mainly for communication-services providers and global data centers across the globe in more than 50 countries by "G-TAC" located in the headquarter. In order to help customers solve above mentioned problems, based on the know-hows accumulated through G-TAC, FNETS newly offers the "Global Help Desk" that can respond to the needs not only of such companies but also their customers.

  In the newly offered "Global Help Desk", G-TAC will cooperate with overseas establishments of Fujitsu group, and provide 24/7 multilingual services (7 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish).

Global Help Desk
1.Global Call Center Service
    Taking calls from customers (enterprises and their individual customers)
    and the incident management (management of the call history).
2.Multi-lingual Service
    Interpretation, translation, and technical instructor(s) dispatch

1."Global Call Center Service" takes calls from all over the world

  • If you have end users who use different language, G-TAC multi-language support takes call without problem, making it possible for requests from all over the world to be take care of.
  • Issue of time difference from oversees countries is resolved by our 24/7 support.
  • We have various ways of taking calls; Telephone, e-mail, and Web system.
  • Management cost can be reduced as G-TAC provides the incident management and reporting services as well.

<"Global Call Center Service" Sample Image>

2."Multi-lingual Service" supports business in a wide range.

  • Services such as interpretation, e-mail/document/web site translation, and technical instructor dispatch are provided.
  • Various communication supports are provided; simultaneous interpretation in meeting, telephone/TV conference with overseas countries.
  • Our ICT technicians provide comprehensive multi-language support services such as interpretation, translation and clarification.

<"Multi-Lingual Service" Sample Image>


  Quoted individually

[Sales Target]

  Orders from 200 companies, seven billion JPY in the next three years (all G-TAC businesses)

[Starting Date of Services]

  May 29, 2014


(*1) Fujitsu Network Solutions Limited :  Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa,
President : Haruyuki Iida

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[About G-TAC]

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日付: 2014年5月29日