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Super Green Product FP-510/FP-32L

Super Green Product is the product which complies with Fujitsu group original severe environmental standard.

FP-510 FP-32L

1. Environmental element

  • It is one of the fastest printers : 260mm/s
    ( 44% speed-up compared with conventional models. )

2. Chemical substances

  • Fujitsu group are committed to eliminating the use of harmful and potentially harmful substances in its products and production processes in order to minimize risks to end users and to the environment
  • Chemical substances are managed strictly in all processes from design to delivery to comply with the RoHS Directive.

3. Resource savings

  • It is one of the most compact designs. 25% Volume reduced compared with conventional models.

4. Energy savings

  • Complies with international energy star program.
    ( 4.5W or less when idle, 1.0W or less when asleep )
  • Two energy-saving modes.
  • Printing power consumption at high duty mode reduced by 30% compared with conventional model.

5. Recycling

  • All materials of parts can be recycled.
  • All plastic parts can be reused.
  • All name of plastic parts are indicated.

6. Packaging

  • All name of packaging material are indicated.
  • The materials of packing boxes can be recycled.
    ( The tapes are made from paper. )
  • The resource saving of the packaging materials.
    The packaging materials are reduced by 14% compared with conventional models.