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Personal Information Handling on Website


Personal Information Handling on Website


Our website are encrypted via SSL as required to protect your personal information. When you access the website and enter your name, e-mail address, or other personal information, your browser automatically encrypts the data by using technology called “SSL encryption” and sends the encrypted data to our receiving server. So even if it is intercepted by a third party, its contents cannot be read.
If your browser does not support SSL, you may be unable to access or enter information on our website.

Cookies and Web Beacons

FUJITSU FIP Corporation may use cookies and Web beacons on some of the company's webpages in order to improve service to our customers. The cookies and Web beacons function, in a sense, like clerks at department stores dealing with repeat customers. Department store clerks may not know the customers' names or addresses, but they do know them by face, remember what they like, and strive to provide them with even better service. Since computers are unable to recognize the faces of our customers, we instead send identification tags called cookies to the customers' browsers. When a customer revisits our website, we look at our cookies stored by the browser so that we can verify the customer and offer services that are better able to meet the needs of the customer. Furthermore, based on the customer's browsing history on our website and other data obtained from the cookies, we may display our advertisements on the websites of other affiliated companies.
The identification of individuals is impossible with cookies from customers who do not enter any personal information in our website, so they remain anonymous. Customers can also set their own browsers to not accept cookies. Aside from cookies, Web beacons also create statistical data regarding customers by counting the number of visits to a particular page but do not have any functions to actually identify individuals.

Access log

We record and keep information about your access of our website in an access log on our servers for a certain length of time.
The access log contents include the access date and time and your domain name, IP address, and type of browser. We use the access log as operation information for our servers for the purpose of server management.

This is an English translation from the Japanese version. In the case of any disputes, the Japanese version takes precedence.