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Handling of Personal information


Handling of Personal information

FUJITSU FIP announces the following policy on the handling of customers’ personal information in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, “Personal information protection management systems – Requirements”, and other related laws and regulations (hereinafter referred to as Laws and Regulations).

Shoharu Nagai
Corporate Senior Vice President and Director and Chief Privacy Officer

1.Acquisition and utilization of personal information

We will acquire and utilize personal information within the scope necessary to fulfill the following purposes. Even if a need arises to utilize personal information for any other purpose, we will not utilize the information except when consent has been obtained from the principal or permission is granted under the Laws and Regulations.
Before acquisition of written personal information (including electronic information such as E-mail and webpage data) directly from you, we will ask for your consent while also clarifying the purpose of utilization and other details except when permission is granted under the Laws and Regulations.
If you do not provide your personal information, we may be unable to provide you with information or support services for the following purposes:

  1. Sending our latest information and seminar, exhibition, and other event details
  2. Sending details about our products, services, various campaigns, etc.
  3. Providing sales, provision, and support services for products, services, etc.
  4. Managing transaction-related contracts, etc.
  5. Engaging in business communication
  6. Offering participation in questionnaires such as customer satisfaction surveys
  7. Sending holiday greetings, office relocation notices, reassignment notices, etc.
  8. Managing access to our facilities
  9. Fulfilling an agreement for conducting work on behalf of another party
  10. Fulfilling an agreement entrusting work to another party
  11. Managing employment, recruitment, and human resources

2.Provision of personal information to third parties

We will not provide any third party with personal information except when one of the following conditions is satisfied:

  • Consent has been obtained from the principal
  • Personal information must be provided to the third party to protect human life, health, or property and it is difficult to obtain consent from the principal
  • Disclosure or provision of personal information is legally mandated for compliance with the Laws and Regulations
  • The third party has been entrusted to handle personal information
    [Entrusting personal information]
    We may entrust personal information to a third party within the scope necessary to fulfill the utilization.
    When entrusting personal information, we select a third party that meets a certain standard of personal information protection and take reasonable measures including conclusion of an agreement on the handling of personal information. We also properly supervise the third party to ensure proper management of personal information security.

3.Measures to manage personal information security

We will take the following measures and properly supervise our employees to keep personal information correct and up-to-date and protect personal information against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.

  1. Organizational measures to manage security
    Overseen by the managing director responsible for personal information management, we hold regular meetings attended by the persons concerned and an appointed auditor conducts internal audits in order to check, maintain, and improve the status and other details of personal information management. If a problem is found, we take corrective action promptly.
  2. Human measures to manage security
    Our employees have an obligation of confidentiality. In addition, we routinely provide education about the personal information protection management system, and designated personnel periodically conduct training for our employees.
  3. Physical measures to manage security
    We manage access to our facilities and take reasonable measures to protect against the theft of the devices, media, etc. utilized to handle personal information and against water leakage, fire, power failure, etc.
  4. Technological measures to manage security
    We implement activities such as access control, identification, authentication, permission management, and antivirus measures thoroughly to ensure the security of personal information in our possession.

4.Requests for disclosure, etc. of personal information

  • Upon receiving a request to disclose, correct, delete, or otherwise handle personal information, we will respond appropriately and without delay to the request after verifying the identity of the principal.
    Any personal information acquiredin the disclosure request or other procedure will be handled within the scope necessary to fulfill the particular purpose of the procedure, including verifying the identity of the principal, responding to the request, and using the data for a survey, etc.

    If you want to request disclosure, etc. of your personal information, please send the request form for disclosure, etc. of personal information as well as the attach documents mentioned in , and post it to the following address.

    Download the request form for disclosure, etc. of personal information (56 KB/A4, 1 page)  

    [Send to]
    • Mailing address: Sales Planning and Administration Department (Personal information Consultation Office)
      2-1, Shibaura 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8668

      (Note)There are situations, in principle, where we may be unable to meet your request for disclosure, etc. of personal information entrusted to utilize even if it is for your own information.

5.Contact information

  • We opened a contact center to respond to questions, complaints, and other inquiries about the handling of personal information. We will respond appropriately and promptly to such inquiries within the scope considered reasonable under commonly accepted norms.
    Any personal information acquired in the inquiry procedure will be handled within the scope necessary to fulfill the particular purpose of the procedure, including responding to the inquiry and utilize for a survey.

    If you have any inquiry, please contact the Personal Information Consultation Office and include the following details in your inquiry:
    • Your name, company name, department/section name, address, telephone number, and E-mail address
    • Details about the inquiry (Be as specific as possible)

Personal Information Consultation Office

  • Telephone: +81-3-5730-0749
    (Support hours: 9:00 to 17:00 weekdays except year-end and New Year holidays, national holidays, and company holidays)
  • E-mail:

This is an English translation from the Japanese version. In the case of any disputes, the Japanese version takes precedence.