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Message from the President

Supporting your business expansion as your
“best partner for digital innovation”

代表取締役社長 島津 めぐみの写真

Digital technology such as AI, IoT, and blockchain have advanced dramatically, and an era of major change has arrived. The use of the latest ICT technology is making unprecedented business models possible, and a more convenient and comfortable society is about to be realized.

FUJITSU FIP supports the operation of Fujitsu’s data centers throughout Japan and has grown an ICT service business based on these data centers. By anticipating the challenges and needs of customers, applying the highly specialized industrial and business know-how we have built up so far, and using the latest technologies and software expertise, we provide optimal services that cover the entire span from system integration to system operation, as well as business operations.

Further, in this cloud-first era, in which the role of data centers is changing, we provide basic business infrastructure in the form of cloud services and a variety of specialized applications for various industries to maximize business convenience for our customers. In addition, in recent years, we have begun analyzing customers’ data at our data centers and using it as valuable data to better contribute to the growth of businesses with our customers.

Looking ahead, we will continue to move forward as our customers’“best partner for digital innovation”. We will help them achieve more business growth by deepening our co-creation activities using the latest digital technology and providing support for the creation of new business.

Megumi Shimazu
President and Representative Director
FUJITSU FIP Corporation