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Our Business

Using Fujitsu’s data centers across Japan as the base, we support the entire life cycle of systems. We provide a platform for digital business, and support our customers’ digital innovation.

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FUJITSU FIP conducts its operations at Fujitsu’s highly secure data centers deployed nationwide from Hokkaido to Kyushu, protecting customers’ important data. We support the entire life cycle from system planning to design, development, operation and maintenance, offering safe, secure, high quality and high cost performance services to customers in 4 service areas: “IT Outsourcing & Cloud Services”, “System Integration Services”, “Professional Services”, and “SaaS Services”. Through these services, we provide a platform for digital business, and support our customers’ digital innovation.

IT Outsourcing & Cloud Services

Support of stable operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, realizing an optimum environment through cooperation between data centers and the cloud services.

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Based on Fujitsu’s data centers nationwide, which implement high-level safety and security measures, and the latest service management compliant with ITIL®, we safeguard customer systems with the best technology and fully complemented systems, providing stable operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Further, by combining various services of data centers provided via networks and our own cloud services, we are able to respond to a wide range of customer needs and provide an optimal cloud environment.。

System Integration Services

Combining a wealth of know-how and the latest development technologies to deliver customer-oriented solutions.

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System engineers with extensive industry and business know-how along with sophisticated development skills including cutting-edge ICT strive to build systems from the perspective of customers that fully meet their needs. We provide solutions to customers in a wide range of fields including government agencies and municipalities, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and logistics, allowing people to lead safe, comfortable and rich lives.

Professional Services

Total support of digital innovation with high-quality operation services provided by system engineers familiar with customers’ businesses.

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Leveraging “IT Outsourcing & Cloud Services” and “System Integration Services”, our teams of experts led by professional service managers familiar with your industry and business support digital innovation that helps customers realize their full business potential. As a core partner for your business, we use the latest technologies to provide high-quality services, from upstream processes down to the operational level.

SaaS Services

We provide services in various fields that create greater convenience for our customers’ businesses.

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By combining know-how such as outsourcing and solutions, which we have cultivated over many years, we are able to develop various services that we offer to customers via network with full implementation and operation support. We meet a wide range of customer needs and promote greater convenience and expansion of our customers’ businesses in various fields such as logistics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, government agencies and municipalities, and security.

Data center

Fujitsu’s data centers realize a high-level security environment by meeting various safety measures standards and in-house security strengthening standards. By protecting our customers’ systems from threats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we support corporate management and social life.

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