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23 May, 2016

New Packaging Substrate Developed for Best Suitable Thin Film Capacitor(TFC) Embedding

TFC capacitor of 1.0µF/c㎡ is also available for coreless packaging substrate

FUJITSU INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGIES LIMIED (Headquarters: Nagano City, President & CEO: Yoichi Bando) has developed the New TFC embedding packaging substrate technology(Note1), co-working with Fujitsu Limited (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Tatsuya Tanaka), Fujitsu Laboratories Limited (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, President: Shigeru Sasaki), and Fujitsu Advanced Technology Limited (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, President: Akihiko Miyazawa). We are pleased to announce that we have started to ship a sample substrate with this technology for the next generation high-end servers.
To make high performance and energy-saving semiconductor devices work stably and correctly, power management is becoming very important in the power supply system. A decoupling capacitor with large capacity and low power impedance, at a wide range of frequency up to ultra-high frequency, is strongly needed for the power supply stabilization.
It is necessary to place the decoupling capacitor at very short distance from a device to achieve good power integrity with low power inductance. However, the main difficulty is to secure installing place for the decoupling capacity and a space for enough capacitance in the semiconductor package, where miniaturization is necessary.
With this new technology TFC is aimed to be embedded just under the die in a semiconductor packaging substrate, enabling low power impedance at a wide range of high frequency area. This technology is applied to the semiconductor packaging substrate GigaModule-EC series. Currently two types of substrate structures are available with this technology and can be applied to a wide product range from high-end computing to wearable devices.
TFC is embedded in a core layer of buildup substrates and is applied for a large and high performance die.
TFC is embedded in a buildup layer of coreless substrates and is applied for high-density and thin packaging.
Expecting Benefits
(1) Maximum use of the electrical performance of TFC Capacitor
The decoupling performance is effective in a wide area, ranging from low to high frequency, by embedding TFC right under the semiconductor.
(2) Effective use of spaces
The die-bonding area and the wiring area can be effectively used by embedding TFC into the lamination layer, contributing to the miniaturization of semiconductor packaging substrates.
(3) Electric capacitance is designed as needed
The shape of the TFC capacitor is formed with the etching process, so the electric capacity can be set as designed.
The area density of electric capacity of TFC is very large, 1.0μF/cm2, and can be used for various usages.
Layer constructions of GigaModule-2EC, 4EC
Layer constructions of GigaModule-2EC, 4EC
Updated cross-section drawing on 27 May, 2016
Features of TFC
Electric capacity 1.0μF/c㎡ サンプル基板の外観写真
Fig.2 Outlook of sample substrate
Relative dielectric constant <1,000
Tanδ <0.1
Operating voltage <4.0V
TFC thickness <35um (after embedded)
Data Source: TDK Corporation Source: Fujitsu Limited

Applying the GigaModule-EC series for semiconductor substrates packaging ensures the performance gain of semiconductor devices and the improvement of mounting density, improving customer’s product competitiveness and innovative performance.
Note1 The new technology, jointly developed with Sony Semiconductor Solutions Limited, is used for the TFC embedding process.

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