Physical Simulation

We support the optimization packaging design for the customer by our Thermal Management Analysis and Packaging Stress Analysis.

Thermal Management Analysis

We perform verification and evaluation for thermal structure, responding to each customer’s thermal problems for electronic devices.
By performing our thermal management analysis in the early stages of the development phase, we help our customers in reducing cost and time during the development process.

  • ・Highly precise modeling
  • ・Optimization of radiating fin shape
  • ・Optimization of flow path structure and/or inlet/outlet port
  • ・Numerical evaluation for unmeasurable fine structure
  • ・Smooth modeling in collaboration with a variety of 3D tools(STEP, SAT, STL, iges, Pro/E etc.)
  • ・Calculation of junction temperature by estimating temperature rise of electronic device
  • ・Evaluation of cooling structure inside casing of electronic device
  • ・Verifications of results represented by arbitrary cross-section distribution map and/or vector is available by visualizing flows for temperature/speed/fluid

  • Temperature distribution of laptop PCTemperature distribution of laptop PC

    Analysis Tool


Case Example

  • Temperature distribution representation
  • Speed distribution representation
  • Flow representation

Temperature distribution representationTemperature distribution representation

Air speed distribution representation
Air speed distribution representation

Flow representationFlow representation

Flow representation (Enlarged view)Flow representation (Enlarged view)

Packaging Stress Analysis

Analyses that leverage our expertise in substrate manufacturing as well as Fujitsu Group’s experience in electronics manufacturing.

The heat generated at the time of component packaging causes substrate warpage and gives stress on the component joints, decreasing packaging yield and product reliability. Analyzing such problems in packaging in a way consistent with customer's point of view, we propose optimal packaging design by suggesting packaging location and stress improvement countermeasure best suited to each customer.

Performing simulations in the early stages of the development phase will greatly reduce the number of verifications for prototypes, resulting in the reduction of cost and time during the development process.
  • ・Fully utilize the extensive experience and performance of our company and Fujitsu Group combined
  • ・Provide non-linear analysis and coupled analysis that take into account the temperature dependency of various material physical property value
  • ・Accommodate highly precise analysis, providing large-scale analysis by mesh refinement
  • ・Perform qualitative and quantitative verifications based on visualization and quantification of stress/strain distributions
  • ・Perform highly precise life prediction by matching simulation and actual devices
  • ・Perform modeling in collaboration with a variety of 3D tools(Pro/E, VPS, step, iges, inp, etc.)

Type of Analysis

  • ・Stress and thermal stress analysis
  • ・Warpage behavior simulation
  • ・SMT board level reliability analysis
  • ・Dynamic shock analysis
  • ・Structural strength analysis
  • ・Vibration analysis
  • ・Modeling service for simulation

Analysis Tool

  • ・ABAQUS(/Standard,/Explicit) 
    note) ABAQUS : registred trademark of Dassault Systèmes.

1. Case Example : Stress Analysis by Heat/Structure Interaction

Evaluate lifetime by calculating lifetime test acceleration factor based on plastic strain analysis of solder bump.

Temperature distribution analysisTemperature distribution analysis

Thermal cycle test
Thermal cycle test

Power cycle (Actual Performance)
Power cycle (Actual Performance)

Zooming analysis
Zooming analysis

2. Case Example: Warpage Behavior Analysis of PWBs

Propose optimal pattern design to reduce connection failure resulting from warpage by analyzing substrate warpage behavior caused by the heat at the time of component mounting.

Warpage behavior analysisWarpage behavior analysis

At room temperature (A)At room temperature (A)

At reflow temperature (B-C)
At reflow temperature (B-C)

Connection FailureExample of BGA disconnection

3. Case Example: Dropping Impact Analysis

Distortion distribution of assembled printed circuit board under dropping impact will be analyzed.

Proof stress through dropping impact will be evaluated from these impact strain simulation.
Distortion distribution

Distortion distribution of assembled printed circuit board, especially, precise analysis of neighborhood of IC package

Strain behavior

Strain behavior of dropping impact with millisecond time at neighborhood of IC package

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