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Message from the President

President Bando

Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited has started its business back in 2002. Evolving from the history of Fujitsu Limited’s computer development, we have been providing “Interconnect Technology” that connects a wide variety of components incorporated in ICT devices, automobiles, industrial facilities, and social infrastructure such as the fields of energy and traffic which constitute an essential part of our everyday lives over the half century.

Striving to support our customers at early stage of product development, we offer our comprehensive technologies and services as total solutions centering on simulation technology and analysis technology in recent years. Furthermore, starting on this January, we have commenced technical service as our new business lineup which encompasses data recovery, data deletion, as well as failure diagnosis and analysis as part of our overall effort to offer more comprehensive support to meet the business needs of our customers.

Our Interconnect Technology is used in a wide variety of products ranging from the commonly-used smartphones to the cutting-edge printed wiring boards incorporated in the domestic super computer. Based on the Fujitsu Group’s brand promise “shaping tomorrow with you”, we will continually aspire to ensure the world’s leading technologies and services to create new values with our customer as their trusted partner.

Thank you for your continued support.

June 26, 2013
Yoichi Bando
President & CEO