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This is a web page for products and services Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies provides. We offer total solutions tailored to customer needs and requirements across the hardware development cycle from PWB design to reliability evaluation.

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GigaModule-EC, a substrate structure with embedded TFC (Thin Film Capacitor) for semiconductor package

Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited has succeeded in high volume production of semiconductor package substrates with embedded Thin Film Capacitor (TFC). This substrate with GigaModule-EC technology enables it to be adopted into your innovation in various fields by supporting a wide range of frequency from low to high. This means it can be applied to a wide range of products such as high-end, mobile and wearable devices.

Simulation & Consulting

SI/PI board simulation generates optimized PWB designs.
Visualization in thermal, fluid and stress-strain analysis proposes cooling solutions for product miniaturization.

Board design

Printed Wiring Board design proposes the optimum materials, layer structure and design rules to meet customer requirements.

PCBs assembly

Prototype PCBs assembly services, covering all processes from manufacture through to device mounting.
And other services include reliability testing, tailored to varied customer needs, and failure analysis for mechanism clarifications.


Any layer IVH structure with plating-less Via formation process enables high performance design with its ultra-high wiring flexibility for applications such as organic probe card.

Multilayer PCBs

High-performance , high-reliability and high speed(>40Gps) PCBs for High Performance Computing and Medical systems.
And the best suitable PWBs with thick Copper layer for Industrial/Power electronic applications.


Ultra high density HDI PCBs for Smartphones, Tablet PCs, IoT modules , Automotive and other Omnipresent products.

Hybrid PCBs

Various structure with conventional PTH and HDI IVH technology enables best suitable PCBs for semiconductor testing.


GigaModule Series FC-BGA packaging substrate with Ultra-Thin, high-density wiring and TFC embedding technology enables the high performance and energy-saving semiconductor devices work stably and correctly.

PWB production processes

Highly precise, ultrafine micromachining and drilling through holes in various meterials.

  • Ultrafine Drilling:
    Φ0.05mm [min] with spindle 370 krpm [max]
  • Highly precise Routering:
    outline, spot facing, slit processing, ....
    with ±0.02mm accuracy

Technical Services

We offer a range of technical services including diagnostics and data recovery for hard disks or storage devices. It also includes data conversion and migration between different media formats.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery Service

We offer data recovery service at a low price for missing or lost data as a result of an operation error or hardware failure. This service includes RAID recovery on server, data recovery for memory card in a digital camera as well as data recovery in a computer.

Data Erasing

Data Erasing Service

This service prevents information disclosure. We completely erase data on the storage media when computers or servers need to be destroyed or reused.

Reliability Evaluation

Reliability Evaluation Service

We support quality evaluation for any storage products such as hard disks or tape devices which require expert evaluation.

Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis Service

We support you to improve the quality of your products by finding the cause of system failures in a hard-disk drive by analyzing output waveforms and result of disassembly investigation.

Data Conversion and Migration

Data Conversion and Migration Service

We offer data conversion and migration service between different media formats. We are able to help you when, for example, backup data saved by a general purpose computer needs to be moved to a new server.

Smartphone Data Recovery

Smartphone Data Recovery Service

We offer data recovery for smart phones or tablets. For example, emails, photos, and pdf files which are missing because they have been formatted by mistake will be recovered with this service.


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