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Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies provides solution services, products and technical services to pursue the best solutions while working along with our customers.

Changing from a PWB manufacturer to a comprehensive solutions provider

Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies (FICT) has been manufacturing a wide range of printed wiring board products for various applications, from key components to consumer products, such as supercomputers, high-end servers, ICT infrastructure, semiconductor products and systems, and smart devices. This experience and expertise make us second to none in the market.

FICT offers three types of products and services:

  • Solution services including board simulations, PWB design, PWB and prototype assembly, and reliability evaluation
  • High-reliable & high-performance PWB products to support the manufacturing industry
  • Technical services including data recovery and data conversion

With these products, services and the comprehensive capabilities within the Fujitsu group companies, FICT not only manufactures printed wiring boards but also, as a solution provider, meets their customers' product development requirements.


Products & Services


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