Innovative PCB Solutions co-creating unique value with customers

For over half a century we have been supplying the Supercomputers, ICTs and important public infrastructures industries with high-end PCBs.

PCB for Supercomputers and Medical Devices in mass production

The FICT Group is proud to produce high-end PCBs for the first place worldwide* supercomputer Fugaku and medical devices essential to fight against COVID-19.
We will continue to contribute to the creation of a prosperous and sustainable society through our interconnect technologies.

Innovative PCB Solutions co-creating unique value with customers

We have been manufacturing a wide range of PCBs for various product applications such as Supercomputers, ICT Infrastructure and Smart devices. Pursuing technological developments to accommodate the increasingly complex and advanced needs of our customers, we expand our knowledge into new fields of products and services. This experience and expertise make us second to none in the market. 

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Introduction of our products and services.
We offer total solutions tailored to our customers needs and requirements across the hardware development cycle from the PWB design to the reliability tests.

Advanced Technologies

We respond to the needs of the most advanced technologies in order to create new value that opens up the future together with our customers.

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