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Developing solutions with customers using interconnect technologies

Products and Services

Solution Services

Solution services including PWB simulations, board design, analysis, prototype assembly, and reliability evaluation

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High-reliable & high-performance printed circuit boards and IC substrates to support the manufacturing industry

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Technical Services

Technical services including data recovery service for various types of storage devices and failure analysis service

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  • Data Recovery
  • Data Erasing
  • Reliability Evaluation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Data Conversion and Migration
  • Smartphone Data Recovery


Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies (FICT) took over the former Fujitsu printed wiring board project and has been developing the interconnect technologies for half a century ever since. With this experience and expertise of the entire Fujitsu group of companies, we provide total solutions tailored to customer needs and requirements across all stages of product development, from planning to reliability evaluation.