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Winbond Electronics Corporation

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Company Overview

  • Company name: Winbond Electronics Corp.
  • Establishment: September, 1987
  • Head office: Taiwan, Taichung
  • Products: DRAM,SDRAM,Serial Nor Flash,Serial NAND Flash, Secure Flash
  • Production Capacity: 48k wafers//M(DRAM 26k, Flash 22k)
  • Technology:Flash:In mass production:90nm/58nm/46nm(NAND), Under development:32nm
                       DRAM:In mass production:65nm/46nm/38nm, Under development:25nm
  • New plant :to be launched in 2020 to 2021


Winbond can provide wide range product solutions such as DRAM, Flash, MCP, KGD from their own factory. Winbond specializes in the Low/Intermediate density Specialty memories and ranks first in that field. (※Except for PC, main memory for server, memory for bulk data storage for smart phone) Winbond has the products adopted to various automotive applications including ADAS. Winbond is focusing on “4C” Applications.

  • Car&Industrial
  • Consumer
  • Computer
  • Communication

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