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VIA Technologies, Inc


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VIA Technologies, Inc is a global leader in the development of highly-integrated embedded platform and system in Taiwan. They have a lot of product lineups of x86 CPU boards, ARM CPU boards and system products. We can do various proposals to match the needs of customers with the VIA products.


  1. Strong silicon background covering Processor, Connectivity and Multimedia IC design
  2. Driver/BSP in-house developed - Enable to optimize CPU performance
  3. Android & Linux support - Provide firm Kernel and optimized Software stack/BSP
  4. Advantage of display embedded system - High performance graphics processing Hardware unit
  5. One Stop Shop services - Hardware and software, Total support

Product Series



ALTA DS SeriesOpen a new window AMOS SeriesOpen a new window ARTiGO SeriesOpen a new window
VIPROOpen a new window  ViegaOpen a new window   Embedded ModuleOpen a new window
Pico-ITX BoardsOpen a new window     3.5inch BoardsOpen a new window       Mini-ITX BoardsOpen a new window

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