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Cirrus Logic, Inc.

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Company Overview

  • Company Name: Cirrus Logic, Inc.
  • Foundation: 1984
  • Headquarter: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Products: Audio Devices (Analog, Mixed-Signal, DSP)、Industrial Devices.
  • Application: Have been used for wide range of consumer products such as Smartphones, Digital-Headset, Wearable, Smart-Home products etc…
  • Apex Precision Power


A leading company in the Audio and Voice signal processing IC Market. From capture to playback: Cirrus Logic offers comprehensive hardware & software solutions spanning the entire audio signal chain.

Product Line -Up

  • Audio Product
    • Audio Amplifiers
    • Audi A/D Converters
    • Audi D/A Converters
    • Audio Codecs
    • Audio Clock Generation and Jitter Reduction
    • Audio DSP
    • Interfaces and Sample Rate Converters
    • Volume Controls
  • Other (Energy,Industrial)


  • VoiceOpen a new window
    • Echo Cancellation
    • Far-Field Voice Capturing
    • Noise Reduction with Multi-Mic Beamforming
  • PlaybackOpen a new window
    • Hi-Fi Audio Experience
    • Active Noise Cancelling(ANC)
    • Speaker Protection
    • Audio Post Processing
  • RecordOpen a new window
    • Wind-Noise Reduction
    • Binaural Recording
    • Ambient and Mic Noise Reduction
  • ControlOpen a new window
    • ASR Enhance
    • Always-On Voice Wake
    • Barge In Capabilities

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