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Ambiq Micro Inc.

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Company overview

  • Company name: Ambiq Micro Inc.
  • Foundation: since 2010
  • Headquarter: Austin, Texas in USA
  • Products: Ultra-low power microcontroller (MCU) and real-time clock (RTC)

Ultra-low power MCU 'Apollo' features

Apollo MCUs are the world's lowest* power devices being based on Ambiq's patented SPOTTM (Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology) platform.
This result in solution that go well beyond the incremental improvements in power consumption that other semiconductor devices have offered. The devices are an ideal solution for battery-powered applications including Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices.

*: EEMBC ULPBenchTM benchmark on March 1st 2018

Ambiq Micro Site:Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller Product Page

Competitive Comparison: ARM Cortex-M4F

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New Product

The Apollo2 Blue which supports Bluetooth® low energy has been released. It is built with industry’s best power management efficiency of the Apollo2 MCU Family with a System-In-Package comprised of the Apollo2 MCU and a Bluetooth® low energy controller to deliver a totally integrated Bluetooth low energy connectivity solution.

block_diagram      board

Ultra-low power MCU 'Apollo' spec overview

Product Family Product Line Flash(KB) RAM(KB) Package Type Pin count Size(mm)
APOLLO APOLLO512-KCR 512 64 WLCSP 41-pin 2.49x2.90
APOLLO512-KBR 512 64 BGA 64-pin 4.5x4.5
APOLLO256-KCR 256 32 WLCSP 41-pin 2.49x2.90
APOLLO256-KBR 256 32 BGA 64-pin 4.5x4.5
APOLLO2 AMAPH1KKF-KCR 1024 256 WLCSP 49-pin 2.5x2.5
AMAPH1KKF-KBR BGA 64-pin 4.5x4.5
APOLLO2 Blue(with BLE) AMA2B1KK-KLR 1024 256 LGA 64-pin 4.0x4.0

Ultra-low power RTC features

The RTCs have full functions including advanced timekeeping and power management and provide minimum power consumption 14nA that is significantly lower than any other industry RTC. These are good solution for power-sensitive applications.

Ambiq Micro Site:Real-Time Clocks Product Page


Please download Datasheet, Application note and other resources from Ambiq Micro’s support page.

In case of further request such as Qualification test data, RoHS data, please free to contact us with inquiry form
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Development Environment

Please download SDK and other information from Ambiq Micro’s support page.

For development tool, please refer to these vender website.

For purchasing of evaluation kits, please free to contact us with inquiry form.
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  • Wearable electronics
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Wireless sensors
  • Consumer medical devices
  • Consumer electronics
  • Smart watches
  • Smart meters
  • Battery-powered applications
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