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WisReed wireless modules(IoT Solution)


The Fujitsu smart network technology "WisReed" is autonomous ad-hoc mesh network technology. Fujitsu Electronics provide "WisReed" implemented wireless communication modules for easily establishing large-scale wireless network.


2 type wireless module Sub-GHz(920MHz)

MSB1401-EAC is not able to join the MSB1402 network, same for the other. Because these modules used different RF device. MSB1401-EAC and MSB1402 are acquired certification only japanese domestic radio low.

Evaluation kit for sensor network

Evaluation kit for sensor network include 5 WisReed wireless modules (MSB1401-EAC), necessary components, documents, and software.
Using WisReed wireless modules, one for GW, one for leaf node, and others for relay nodes, you can experience ad-hoc wireless network easily.
Also, you can watch the network structure using the visual traceroute software.

図1 経路表示ツールで電波伝搬状況を可視化
Visualize network structure
図2 サンプルソフトでセンサーデータを即収集
Rapid set-up using sample software

Buy online

You can get the Evaluation kit for sensor network through EC site Chip1stop. chip one stopバナー

Sample software

Sample source and documents for easily set-up the sensor network, using the evaluation kit for sensor network, single board computer (Arduino), and sensor.
(Please purchase separately Arduino, sensor, etc.)

  • Sample for sensors (temp. humi. and baro.) on Arduino and graph view on PC(SampleForArduino(TempHumiBaro).zip:2.24MB)
    Sample source for sensing temperature, humidity, and barometer through Arduino, and show graph on PC.
    (Excluded components: Arduino Pro 3.3V, sensor module (BME280), PC)
    System image

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