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IoT embedded mobile GW (Gateway)


Realize IoT (Internet of Things) environment easily.
Custom embedded communication board to connect everything to the internet and realize IoT.


  • 3G/GPS/wireless LAN(11b,11g)/Bluetooth Low Energy functions.
    < 3G / 3G+BLE / WLAN+GPS / BLE+GPS >
  • Support HTTP-REST and MQTT protocols.
  • Be able to be incorporated directly into equipment.
  • Confirmed connection with IoT data utilization infrastructure service "FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 IoT Platform" .
  • By customizing built-in application software, from acquisition of sensor data to transmission to cloud can be realized only with this product.

IoT embedded mobile GW



IoT embedded mobile GW collects sensor data from everything, send them to the IoT Platform via 3G, wireless LAN or BLE. User can take advantage of those sensor data through the internet.

Application example


The IoT embedded mobile GW sends various data measured by the electric assist cart to the IoT Platform Real time status indications and alert notifications are given to nursing care facility personnel and families.

Hardware configuration


Only BLE module has built in pattern antenna, and when using other modules,
external antennas are required separately.

Variety of the IoT embedded mobile GW

IoT embedded mobile

Software construction

software construction

Ordinarily, software customization is required.
Please contact us, if you think about software modification / function expansion by yourself.

Product specifications

Item Specification Remarks
Wireless block interfaces
3G                      : UMTS2100・UMTS800
Support satellite  : GPS
WLAN                 : IEEE802.11b/g
BLE                    : Bluetooth Specification Ver.4.1
Japanese radio equipment conformity certification acquired
Antenna 3G・GPS・WLAN  : External(U.FL connector)
BLE                      : Pattern Antenna
Host interface
UART No flow control
Power spec
+5V from outside
SIM micro SIM slot
External dimensions
Operational temperature: -10℃~+50℃
Operational humidity: 20%RH~80%RH
OS μC3 Made by eForce Co.,Ltd.
CPU MB9BF366RPMC(Core:ARM® Cortex™-M4F) 160MHz Made by Cypress Semiconductor Corp


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IoT Business Promotion Div. 
Smart Network Business Dept.

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