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FUJITSU Embedded System F-Cue

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Small-sizes High-Performance ARM® Processor Board "F-Cue"

96BoardstmF-Cue is a compact and high-performance CPU board with ARM mounted conforming to "96 Boards" specification formulated by "Linaro". It is equipped with Socionext Inc.'s high performance ARM processor, MB86S71.


Equipped with Abundant External Device Interface

In addition to the 96Boards compliant interface, by connecting it to extension boards sold separately by Fujitsu Electronics, the user can easily add PCI Express and Ethernet interfaces.


*96Boards is an open platform for ARM architecture formulated by Linaro.

Available use of 96Boards Community

The board can make use of resources from the 96Boards community, such as various types of software made public by Linaro, and extension boards aimed at 96Boards. And it can also make use of many resources of Linux.


Equipped with the high performance, low power consumption MB86S71 processor

The board achieves both high processing performance and low power consumption in operations by using big.LITTLEtm architecture with two kinds of ARM cores (Cortex-A15, Cortex-A7). It also has greatly reduced power consumption in standby mode, using its standby and response function,DDR retention mode. Moreover, it is also capable of advanced graphics processing with its GPU (Malitm-T624). 

For details of MB86S71, please refer to Socionext Inc. Website.Open a new window

SOCIONEXT "MB86S71" Block Diagram

Condensing function to business card size

The size of the board is almost same as business card so that it can be mounted on small equipment.

Corresponds to Each Stages from PoC to Mass Production

F-Cue can be used for variety of purposes. Possible to seamlessly support from PoC to development for products.


Product Specifications


F-Cue can be applied to various fields using wealth of external interfaces.

robotics facilities network
home_appli oa security

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Press Release

    Fujitsu Launches F-Cue Board compliant with Linaro's 96Boards specification