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Corporate Profile

Corporate name Fujitsu Electronics Inc.
Corporate Profile (4.34 MB )
Location of head office Shin-Yokohama Chuo Bldg., 2-100-45, Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku,Yokohama, Kanagawa, 222-8508 Japan [Map]
Capital 4,878 million yen
Date of establishment May 2, 1952
Business description Sales of Electronic Devices,
Development of Semiconductor Devices
Employees 892 (including Overseas Sales Companies)
Shareholders Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (100% shareholder)
President and Representative Director Junji Ogihara
Executives Yoshitomo Abe Member of the Board and Corporate Senior Vice President
Kagemasa Magaribuchi Member of the Board
Shigeo Aoyama Member of the Board
Masahiro Kawakami Auditor
Toshikimi Hanaoka Corporate Senior Vice President
Nobuyuki Nakahara Corporate Vice President
Takuya Hori Corporate Vice President
Fuminobu Miyake Corporate Vice President
Nobumitsu Wakui Corporate Vice President
Akira Takeuchi Corporate Vice President