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Environmental Activities

Environmental Management System Chemical Substances Managemnet Social Contribution Activities

Fujitsu Electronics Inc. (FEI) provide eco-device solutions with low-power and spacing saving features that help with energy saving and environmental friendliness. We demonstrate our social responsibility to continuous environmental and social contribution by setting the following environmental policy.

Environmental Policy

Fujitsu Electronics Group Environmental Policy

We contribute to the reduction of our customer’s and society’s environmental burden and the effective utilization of resources through the provision of electronic device products and solution services, along with promoting energy saving, resource saving and resource recycling within our company.

[Operational Principles]
By applying the following principles, we encourage our employees to be environmentally-conscious and to make the effort toward preventing environmental pollution and exhaustion of resource.

  1. We continue to maintain and improve our environmental management system.
  2. We develop business strategies with consideration for the environment.
      - Provision and suggestion of low-power products and eco-products
      - Promotion of working with companies that are environmentally-conscious
      - Provision and suggestion for services that are useful for environmental protection
  3. We properly manage products containing chemicals.
      - Compliance with regulations and meeting customer requests
  4. We are engaged in environmental community service activities and biodiversity preservation activities.

Fujitsu Electronics Inc.
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