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Corporate Profile

Company Name Fujitsu Electronics Inc.
Headquarters: 2-100-45, Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-Ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Global Network 
Management President and Representative Director: Junji Ogihara
Established May 2, 1952
Business Activities Design, development, and sale of electronic devices 
  • Sale of consumer and industrial electronic devices for automotive, audio-visual, communications, and information processing equipment
  • Development, design, and sale of application boards
  • Development and sale of consumer and industrial application-specific embedded software for microcomputers
  • Development and sale of IoT wireless communication modules
  • Development and contract design of custom SoCs and other devices, and technical support
Key Business Partners 
Capital 4,877,683,581 yen (No. of issued shares: 26,631,972)
Shareholder Kaga Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited
900 (including overseas group companies)
Subsidiaries ・Fujitsu Devices Inc. 
・Fujitsu Electronics (Dalian) Software Ltd. 
・Fujitsu Electronics America, Inc.
・Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH
・Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd.
・Fujitsu Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
・Fujitsu Electronics Korea Ltd.
Chairman and Representative Director Isao Tsukamoto
President and Representative Director Junji Ogihara
Director Takeshi Tsukamoto
Director Yoshitomo Abe
Director Yasuhiro Ishihara
Director (non-executive) Ryoichi Kado
Director (non-executive) Motonori Toshinari
Director (non-executive) Kazuo Yuasa
Director (non-executive) Kagemasa Magaribuchi
Auditor Takahiro Ishii
Chairman and Executive Officer Isao Tsukamoto
President and Executive Officer Junji Ogihara
Senior Executive Officer Takeshi Tsukamoto
Managing Executive Officer Yoshitomo Abe
Managing Executive Officer Yasuhiro Ishihara
Executive Officer Nobuyuki Nakahara
Executive Officer Takuya Hori
Executive Officer Fuminobu Miyake
Executive Officer Nobumitsu Wakui
Executive Officer Akira Takeuchi
May 1952     Established as Hirayama Denki Shoji Co., Ltd.
July 1968     Involvement of Fujitsu Limited in management
April 1973     Merged with Soritsu Shoji Co., Ltd. (established January 1956) and renamed Fujitsu Buhin Shoji Co., Ltd.
October 1984     Renamed Fujitsu Busho Co., Ltd.
April 1987     Renamed Fujitsu Microdevices Limited
April 1990     Merged with Fujitsu Micon Systems Co., Ltd. (established April 1981) and renamed Fujitsu Devices Inc.
April 1998     Listed on second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
August 2007     Made a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited through share swap (delisted from stock exchange in July)
October 2007     Merged with electronic device sales division of Fujitsu Corporation and renamed as Fujitsu Electronics Inc.
March 2008     Fujitsu Limited spun off its LSI division to establish Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary
May 2015     Five overseas group companies of Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited transferred and made wholly owned subsidiaries.
・Fujitsu Semiconductor America, Inc.
・Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe GmbH
・Fujitsu Semiconductor Pacific Asia Ltd.
・Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
・Fujitsu Semiconductor Korea Ltd.
January 2016     Five overseas group companies renamed as follows:
・Fujitsu Electronics America, Inc.
   * (previously Fujitsu Semiconductor America, Inc.)
・Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH
   * (previously Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe GmbH) ・Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd.
・Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd.
   * (previously Fujitsu Semiconductor Pacific Asia Ltd.)
・Fujitsu Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
   * (previously Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)
・Fujitsu Electronics Korea Ltd.
   * (previously Fujitsu Semiconductor Korea Ltd.)
January 2019     Made a subsidiary of Kaga Electronics Co.,Ltd. through transfer of the shares