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Described as the fourth industrial revolution, the new era of the Internet of Things is bringing major changes to the business environment, requiring new products and services to meet the needs of our time.
This era of change calls not only for the sort of high-performance devices we have supplied in the past, but also for bringing together the skills of business partners with expertise in a variety of fields and offering products in a timely manner.

Based on the relationships of trust we have built up in our role as a trading company dealing with electronic devices, we offer ways of helping customers with their new projects and products by combining the supply of leading-edge solutions distinctive of the Fujitsu Group with an engineering workforce capable of handling development, design, and production in-house and with business partners from around the world. 

Standing alongside its customers in looking to the future, Fujitsu Electronics will do what it takes to realize this future and make it a success. 
You can count on us.
  President and Representative Director 
About Fujitsu Electronics

Corporate Profile

You can rely on Fujitsu Electronics to deliver total solutions for the era of the IoT.

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Global Network 

A list of offices in Japan and overseas that support the global operations of our customers

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Electronic Public Notices 

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Quality Assurance 

Fujitsu Electronics is ISO9001-certified and strives to improve quality and customer satisfaction

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Fujitsu Electronics is ISO14001-certified and is working to make sustainable and ongoing environmental improvements

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Fujitsu Electronics needs people who recognize the major changes taking place around us, and who can think for themselves and seek out ways of overcoming problems.

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