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FUJITSU DESIGN LIMETED is committed to respect your privacy. We recognize the importance of the personal data by which you can be identified, such as your name, address, or E-mail address. You can visit revealing any personal data. We track the Internet address of people who visit analyze this data for trends and statistics, but the tracked data does not include your personal data.

Some pages may send "cookies" to your computer to better serve you with more tailored information when you return to the website. Cookies are identifiers that include unique characters, but unless you input your personal data onto our website you cannot be identified and remain anonymous. You can set most browsers to warn you when you are sent a cookie and refuse to receive it.

*Google Analytics

A number of the pages on our Website use Google Analytics, a Google service for understanding customer visits to our Website. Using Google Analytics on our Website allows Google to collect, record and analyse the visit history on our Website, based on the cookies issued. FDL receives the results of this analysis from Google and gets a picture of the visits made by customers to our Website. No information identifying any specific individual is included in the customer information collected, recorded and analysed by Google Analytics. This information is also managed based on the privacy policy of Google.

Customers can stop the collection of customer information done by FDL using Google Analytics by disabling Google Analytics in their browser’s Add-on settings. You can opt out of Google Analytics by performing changes to your browser’s add-on settings by downloading and installing the Google Analytics opt-out add-on found on Google’s Opt-out page. If customers opt out of Google Analytics this will also disable Google Analytics for other websites, but this can be enabled again by resetting the add-on in the browser.

For an explanation of Google Analytics rules of usage, please see Google’s privacy policy and the Google Analytics site.

  Google Analytics Terms of Service:

  Google Privacy Policy:

  Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on: