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Fujitsu Design Philosophy

Fujitsu Design Pholosophy

Fujitsu's Design Perspective

Trust and Moving Ahead


Laptops, desktops, and the network devices and servers that comprise data centers are al¬ready indispensable to business. One of Fujitsu’s goals is to demonstrate the presence of the Fujitsu brand on a global scale. This red line will immediately distinguish the Fujitsu brand at a glance, and will also symbolize the trustworthiness of the brand that says Fujitsu will never let the user’s business down.

Ease-of-understanding and Consistency


It only takes a quick look around to realize that smart¬phones and tablet computers have become fixtures in our daily lives. What’s indispensable in those devices is the GUI. It is vital to impart a sense of unity as a brand in every screen while applying specific design that suits the purpose, situation, and user. Although the device and its screen may be different, the new GUI of the Fujitsu brand provides a unified impression and experience.

Visibility and Communicability


Communication design at every contact point will be symbolized by the brand graphics that uses a “dialog” as a motif. The graphics designed based on the letter F for Fujitsu and a rectangular balloon brings consistency to Fujitsu’s brand image and at the same time expresses its willingness to have a dialog with each customer, which is represented by the slogan “with you.”

Thoughfulness and Hospitality


Fujitsu is also involved in designing screens for an infrastructure monitoring system that monitors conditions of dams and rivers and energy management systems for buildings. What is necessary for the design of such infrastructure is not to simply list pieces of information in a row, but to arrange them in order of priority. Visible design that is optimized for a specific site leads directly to improvement in safety and operational efficiency.



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