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  3. Fujitsu Component has Developed Automotive Relay FTR-K5 Series for 6.6kW EV/PHV On-Board Charger

Fujitsu Component has Developed Automotive Relay FTR-K5 Series for 6.6kW EV/PHV On-Board Charger

May 08, 2019

Fujitsu Component Limited (Head office: Tokyo, Japan, President and Representative Corporate Officer, CEO : Koichi Ishizaka) today announced it has developed the world’s first 6.6kW (32A-250VAC) switching automotive relay for EV/PHV on-board chargers (AC line) (note).

FTR-K5 Series

FTR-K5 Series


To extend the cruising distance of electrical vehicles (EV/PHV), the capacity of the on-board battery must be increased. Currently, existing standard 3.3kW chargers need too much time to fully recharge. To resolve this problem, the on-board charger capacity is being increased to 6.6kW. Relays used for the charger must also switch 6.6kW (32A-250VAC).

The new FUJITSU Component FTR-K5 relay series is a PCB relay that meets the 6.6kW capacity requirement well as automotive relay specifications.
Samples are available now, and mass production will begin in March 2020.

Features of FTR-K5 Series

  1. 1. World’s first 32A-250VAC class automotive relay
    High capacity, 6.6kW (32A-250VDC) switching relay that also satisfies automotive relay specifications for severe vibration and shock resistance.
  2. 2. Operable up to 105degC ambient temperature
    On-board charger is typically placed near the inverter. Therefore, the FTR-K5 uses heat resistant material that can withstand maximum 105degC ambient temperature. It is also designed to suppress the heat generation from relay coil. Its power consumption is only 900mW.
  3. High insulation
    Creepage distance between coil and contact is 8mm, which meets IEC61810-1 277V enhanced insulation requirement. Withstand voltage between coil and contact is 5,000VAC.
  4. 4. 40A continuous power supply
    The relay can keep 40A continuous power supply (without switching) for 1 hour.
  5. Selectable enclosure
    Relay enclosure options are flux free or plastic sealed, according to the on-board charger’s form. Flux-free type is recommended for sealed charger units since it has longer life. Plastic-sealed type is good for non-sealed charger units, due to better resistance against dust and exhaust gas.

Fujitsu Component plans to expand the relay series for EV/PHV applications.


Note: Internal investigation in April 2019.


Samples: Available now
Mass production: March 2020


Open price


Product name FUJITSU Component Relay FTR-K5 Series
Enclosure Plastic sealed Flux free
Contact construction 1a (1 Form A)
Contact rating 32A 250VAC
Continuous current 40A
(at 105degC, cable size 8mm2, at rated coil voltage)
Rated coil voltage 5VDC, 6VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC
Electrical life 7,000 operations
(at rated power)
30,000 operations
(at rated power)
Coil power consumption 900mW
Operation temperature -40degC to +105degC (No frost)
Insulation Adjacent contacts 1,000VAC (50/60Hz), 1 minute
Coil-contact 5,000VAC (50/60Hz), 1 minute
Dimensions 18.0 x 30.5 x 29.7 mm


FTR-K5 relay preliminary datasheet PDF 196KB

Customer Contacts

Fujitsu Component Limited
1st Marketing Dept., Marketing Group
icon-telephone 03-3450-1643

All information including price, specifications, services in this release are current information as of the announcement date. Please be noted that information in this announcement is subject to change without notice.

Date: 08 May, 2019