Corporate Profile

Greetings from the President

Fujitsu Client Computing was founded in February 2016 to "enrich clients' lifestyles by meeting all computing needs everywhere".

Since first launching FM-8 in 1981, we have stood out from our competitors by planning, developing, designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting our own solutions and swiftly responding to client needs at the highest level.

In recent years, big data analysis has greatly benefited customers and brought innovation to the world. Our role has been to serve as a ubiquitous interface providing database administrators with ease of operation and clients with analysis results for real-world applications.

We aim to continue providing valuable products that benefit clients and dealers and greatly appreciate your continued support.

Kuniaki Saito
President & CEO
Fujitsu Client Computing Limited

Corporate Profile

Company NameFujitsu Client Computing Limited
Shinkawasaki Mitsui Building (West Tower) 1-1-2 Kashimada, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 212-0058, Japan[Map新しいウィンドウで表示]
Business Sites
Hokkaido [Sapporo], Tohoku [Sendai], Kanto  [Minato Ward(Mita), Saitama], Hokuriku [Kanazawa], Tokai [Nagoya], Kinki [Osaka], Chugoku [Hiroshima, Okayama], Kyushu [Fukuoka], etc.
RepresentativeRepresentative director and president Kuniaki Saito
Capital400 million yen
FoundationFebruary 1, 2016
  • Lenovo Group Limited 51%
  • Fujitsu Limited 44%
  • Development Bank of Japan Inc. 5%
Major BusinessesPlanning, R&D, designing, manufacturing, sales, maintenance and support of notebook PCs, desktop PCs, etc.
Employees1,060 employees(as of March 2019)
Group CompaniesShimane Fujitsu Limited
Number of PC Shipments3.7 million units(worldwide total in 2018)


  • Kuniaki SaitoRepresentative Director
    President & CEO
  • Hiroyasu TakedaSenior Executive
    Vice President & COO
    Head of Business
    Operations Unit
  • Felix ChuBoard of Director
    Executive Vice President & CFO
    Head of Business
    Management Unit
  • Masashi YamadaExecutive Vice President
    Head of Consumer
    Business Unit
  • Susumu NikawaSenior Vice President
    Product Management Unit
    New Business Unit
  • Toshihisa TakashimaExecutive Officer
    Head of New Business Unit
    Vice Head of Consumer Business Unit
  • Nanahiro KidaExecutive Officer
    Head of Corporate Unit
  • Yoji HirosueExecutive Officer 
    Head of Product
    Management Unit
  • Shinji YoshidaExecutive Officer
    Vice Head of Consumer
    Business Unit
  • Non-executive Director ChairmanKen Wong
  • Non-executive DirectorsWai Ming Wong
    Jammi Tu
    Kazuo Yuasa
    Tatsuya Takagi
  • Statutory AuditorJames Lo
    Kenji Mizuno