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Embedded system (embedded technology)
~For advanced product development, always optimal embedded system~


An embedded system is offered by the advanced technique and the collective strength, and the way to the problem solution is opened.

Fujitsu BSC offers an embedded system of a wide field for 30 years or more in the Fujitsu group, and has raised the solid performance. It is not an exaggeration to say that the trust cultivated in that is a base of our corporate power.

Making to the network and making to intelligent advance rapidly in all product fields such as a computer, a smart device, automobile, information appliances, medical treatment diagnosis device/equipment, and social infrastructure equipment, and the demand for an embedded system that supports it has risen more and more today. In that, the problem, the strategy of the enterprise, and the requested embedded system are various.

Fujitsu BCS Embedded System supports design and development/evaluation verification, Quality improvement and efficiency improvement in a wide range of fields including automobile, Equipment for medical treatment, Society's infrastructure, Information appliances, Smart devices, Office/entertainment

Fujitsu BSC offers the customer various, intangible resources that support development such as knowhow and the employee education of the project management if necessary to say nothing of the product development. In addition, we rack our brains with the customer in such a deep, multipronged connection, and we challenge the creation of "New value".

The trait only of Fujitsu BSC brings continued competitive edge to the customer enterprise, and we cut the new digital world open with the customer.

Exploitation technology that supports embedded system of Fujitsu BSC

Use of high level of technology

We are leader existence of embedded system business in Fujitsu group. We can produce the customer in full scale.

Accumulated development
knowhow and technique

Fujitsu BSC responds to customer's development process flexibly, using results and experience for 30 years or more. The application of Fujitsu standard development process (SDEM) is also possible.

Support of development management
and personnel training

It is very important to prepare the supporting environment for development.Fujitsu BSC supports construction of the best development environment and the system, and the personnel training according to the customer's needs and demand.

Strong support for the value creation by unshakable results and the organization

[OVER 30 YEARS]富士通グループで30年以上に渡り、エンベデッドシステム開発を推進。強みはその経験で培った技術力。 [OVER 500 STRONG]技術陣は総勢500名以上。エンベデッドシステムの企業としては富士通グループで最大規模。 [Credible Partner]製品開発だけでなく、お客様の要望に合わせ、オンサイトで開発環境の策定、開発プロセスの整備なども支援。さらに人材育成にも貢献する信頼のパートナー。

To the evolving AUTOMOTIVE world 【Automobile field】

The automobile field has been evolving drastically now as the approach on an automatic driving advances. There is Fujitsu BSC state-of-the-art.

All processes from the requirement definition to the design, development/evaluation, and the verification are supported in total.

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The quality improvement and efficiency improvement are supported according to the requirement.

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Fujitsu BSC is a member of Renesas Alliance Partner Program.

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Renesas R-Car Consortium

Fujitsu BSC is a member of R-Car consortium.

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Fujitsu BSC is a member of Bluetooth SIG.

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