Model-based development solution

- Support the development of electronic control of international standard using MATLAB®/Simulink®. -

Model-based development recommended by the international functional safety standard "ISO26262"*1

While the development of all electronic control products such as automobile equipment, medical and industrial equipment, information home appliances, etc. is rapidly spreading, flexible response, high quality and high performance technology are required in diversifying and complicated development sites.。

Model-based development recommended by the International Functional Safety Standard "ISO 26262" is one of the development methods expressed in terms of model as a design, designing, automatic code generation, testing and verification are performed from the design stage, which is an upstream process, through simulation, thereby improving quality and supporting cost reduction.

Implement efficiency by introducing model-based development

Five services~Assist with solid technology familiar with model-based development~

  • Reverse modeling service

    Effective utilization of software assetsSoftware assets whose modeling has not kept pace, for reasons such as high code volume and high complexity.We utilize those existing assets by reverse modeling service provided by Fujitsu.
  • Implementation modeling service

    Convert an existing model to a model suitable for implementationWe provide services to convert existing models into models that can generate code automatically, such as convert to floating point, correspondence to modeling guidelines, support partial automation of guideline checks, etc.
  • Porting service

    Design the optimal interface for the target platformIf you are having trouble with the interface design between the model and the platform, we will guide you to solve the problem with the porting service.
  • Engineering service

    Technical / experienced engineers support your developmentEngineers familiar with MATLAB®/Simulink®*2and model-based development will assist you.Flexible support onsite and offsite is possible according to customer's situation.
  • Model-based development Introduction education service

    We support from basic education to exercise form workshop using Simulink®andStateflow®*3(Japanese language only).Tune the curriculum flexibly according to the circumstances of the development site.We focus on introducing reasonably.

Development results 【Automobile related】

ECU/Integrated Cockpit System/Advanced Driver Assistance System

Fujitsu has realized high-function and intelligent automobiles with car manufacturers and automobile related companies from an early period.

Model-based development introductory education service curriculum guide

We will introduce the curriculum of model-based development introduction education (lecture) and model-based development workshop provided by Fujitsu.

Model-based development introduction education(lecture)【Standard: Up to 10 people for 2 days】

11.What is model-based development (MBD)
  • What is a model?
  • What is model-based development?
  • Fields to introduce MBD
  • Other organizations promoting MBD
  • Merit of MBD
  • Demerit of MBD
2.MBD development process outline
  • Development process overview
  • MBD activity in each process (overview)
3.Simulink®Model (block diagram)
  • What is a block diagram?
  • Notation of block diagram
  • Commonly Used Blocks
  • Sample model explanation
  • Control suitable for design in Simulink®
24.Stateflow®Model (state machine)
  • What is a state machine?
  • State transition diagram · Notation of state transition table
  • Sample model explanation
  • Control suitable for design in Stateflow®
5.Model representation of control system
  • Overview
  • Controller model
  • Plant model
6.Verification method in MBD
  • MILS (Model In the Loop Simulation)
  • SILS (Software In the Loop Simulation)
  • PILS (Program In the Loop Simulation)
  • HILS (Hardware In the Loop Simulation)
  • RCP (Rapid Control Prototyping)

Model-based development workshop 【Standard: 3 people for 2 days】

11.First Simulink®
You can do easy model design and simulation using Simulink®
  • Start Simulink®
  • Create a model
  • Execute simulation
  • Code generation
2.First Stateflow®
You can do simple model design and simulation using Stateflow®
  • Start Stateflow®
  • Create a state machine
  • Execute simulation
  • Code generation
23.Model-based development exercise
You can model and simulate the entire sample system
  • Specification explanation
  • Controller model specification
  • Plant model specification
  • Model design
  • Simulation execution

For curriculum tuning, price, etc., Please contact us for the inquiries about this service from the form below.

Inquiries about the embedded system


  • *1
    ISO26262:Derived from IEC 61508, a general purpose functional safety standard for electrical / electronic (E / E) systems, it is an international functional safety standard for electronic control systems for automobiles ^
  • *2
    MATLAB®/Simulink®:Simulation software developed by MathWorks®that can perform design / simulation / automatic code generation, test and verification of embedded system ^
  • *3
    Stateflow®:Developed by MathWorks®, it is a state transition diagram tool, MATLAB®/Simulink®options ^
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