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To the evolving AUTOMOTIVE world 【Automobile field】


The future where it runs through is created

Automobile, "The running computer" that is equipped with a lot number of ECUs (*1).With the age of innovation unprecedented, "automated driving", "automotive integrated cockpit", "improvement of environmental performance", etc are advanced.
Fujitsu BSC has accelerated this innovation through the embedded system.

Speed up the evolution of automobiles with comprehensive strength. 【Automotive Solutions】

Fujitsu BSC embodies all functions of automobiles such as powertrain, in-vehicle information, safe driving support.
In addition to the basic function of "running, turning, stopping", we realize "connecting", "avoiding danger", "making optimum environment", etc., and accelerating the evolution to future new automobiles.
Concretely, we will support our customers on all functions of automobiles,based on development corresponding to AUTOSAR (*2), an international standardization effort for automotive software for Europe, and model-based development.

automotive-solution のコピー Model-based development solution AUTOSAR solution SILS / HILS simulator environment CRAMAS® AutomotiveSPICE® HMI authoring tool CGISTUDIO

Participate in standardization of the world, promote efficient development.

Car electronics has become highly functional and diversified.Fujitsu BSC constantly strive to acquire elemental technologies that customers can afford, and to build systems, and we will always provide reliable services and quality.

MathWorks Partner

MathWorks® partner

MATLAB®/Simulink®(*3), which is the de facto standard in ECU software development.As an authorized partner of Mathworks® Company, Fujitsu BSC provides various services to automobile manufacturers and suppliers.


JASPAR regular member

We are associate Member since 2010.As a full member of the Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture (JASPAR) from April 2015,we are participating in standardization activities on car electronics technology.

Automotive SPICE®*4Development process

European automakers have developed a common framework for the development process by advancing development based on Automotive SPICE®.We will implement a more effective development cycle and realize QCD (quality, cost, procurement) at a high level.

Automotive SPICE®V3.0

Fujitsu BSC will support customers in software development.
(* All parts under figure SWE.1 and SWE.6)

Development results 【Automobile related】

ECU / car audio

Fujitsu BSC has realized high-function and intelligent automobiles with car manufacturers and automobile related companies from an early period.



ECU(Electronic Control Unit):Electronic control system. In recent years, with the multifunction of vehicles, the installed number has increased. ^
AUTOSAR(AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture):A consortium established mainly in European automakers and supplier companies (parts makers) in July 2003. ^
MATLAB® / Simulink®: Simulation software developed by MathWorks® for design / simulation / automatic code generation, test and verification of embedded systems. ^
Automotive SPICE®:A common framework of the development process formulated by European automakers. ^

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