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AUTOSAR Solution
- Building in-vehicle equipment software platform (European standard) -


What is "AUTOSAR"?Four solutionsDevelopment resultsIntroduction education service

What is "AUTOSAR"?

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a consortium established by European automobile manufacturers and supplier companies (parts makers) in July 2003 in order to solve various problems related to automobile software evolving day by day.

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Fujitsu BSC's AUTOSAR development results

Fujitsu BSC's AUTOSAR development results

Four solutions - Support from AUTOSAR environment construction to development -

AUTOSAR Total Coordinate Service

Fujitsu BSC, which is abundant in ECU *1development results and AUTOSAR development results, proposes solutions related to the development environment building. Provide total coordination through cooperation with tool vendors and microcomputer vendors. We will support the construction of an optimum and smooth environment according to customer's requirements.

AUTOSAR introduction education service

We support from basic education to exercise-style workshop using authoring tool. Tune the curriculum flexibly according to the circumstances of the development site. We focus on introducing reasonably.

AUTOSAR introductory education service curriculum guide

Support for building AUTOSAR development process

Based on customer development process, we support task assignment for AUTOSAR architecture, and development process constructon with traceability optimization.
We aim to construct a realistic and reasonable process that is easy to take root at the site.

Engineering service

Experienced engineers support AUTOSAR development such as AUTOSAR conversion of legacy code, SWC of application*2,BSW*3configuration, etc.
Flexible support onsite and offsite is possible according to customer's situation.

Development results 【Automobile related】

ECU / car audio

Fujitsu BSC has realized high-function and intelligent automobiles with car manufacturers and automobile related companies from an early period.


AUTOSAR introductory education service curriculum guide

We will show you the curriculum of AUTOSAR introductory education (lectures) and AUTOSAR workshop provided by Fujitsu BSC. (Japanese language only)

AUTOSAR introductory education (lectures) 【Standard: up to 10 people for 2 days】

Day Unit Contents
  1. What is AUTOSAR
  • Current status / issue of in-vehicle software
  • Establishing a group to solve problems
  • Purpose of AUTOSAR
  • Concept of AUTOSAR
  • Benefits of introducing AUTOSAR
  • Disadvantages of introducing AUTOSAR
  1. AUTOSAR software configuration
  • Architecture overview
  • Architecture: Application
  • Architecture: RTE
  • Architecture: BSW
  1. AUTOSAR development process
    (15:00 - 17:00)
  • Recommended Process: Application
  • Recommended process: BSW
  • Recommended process: system test
  1. Application layer explanation
  • Component
  • Interface (Sender / Receiver)
  • Interface (Client / Server)
  • Connection with the RTE layer
  1. Workflow explanation
  • Scope of tool
  • Tool Overview
  • Overall flow
  • Input and output between tools
  • Scope of hand coding
  1. Legacy software is converted to AUTOSAR
  • Overview
  • SWC conversion of legacy software
  • BSW conversion of legacy software
  • Join application / BSW

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AUTOSAR Workshop 【Standard: 3 people for 2 days】

Day Unit Contents
1 BSW configuration
You can use the authoring tool to configure and code specific modules
  • Explanation of the stack module which is the example of the exercise
    • COM / OS and others
    • Function sharing among modules in the stack
  • Partial configuration of COM / OS according to sample design
    • Determination of parameter values based on design
    • Parameter configuration implementation (typical number parameter)
    • Implement contradiction check
    • Eliminate contradiction check error
  • Code generation
2 SW-C design
You can generate SW - C skeletons using the authoring tool
  • New creation operation
    • Workspace / Project / SW-C / Runnable / Port
  • Design of SW-C using BSW module configured with WS#1
    • SW-C design (port, Runnable spec)
    • Port connection
    • Runnable mapping
    • Code generation
  • Report output

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For curriculum tuning, price, etc., Please contact us for the inquiries about this service from the form below.

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ECU (Electronic Control Unit): It is a device that controls the system using electronic circuits. In recent years, with the multifunction of vehicles, the installed number has increased. ^
SWC (Software Component): Software modules such as motor control, battery control, vehicle mode control which are application layers of AUTOSAR ^
BSW (Basic Software): AUTOSAR's basic software, such as OS, ECUM, DIAG, Complex Driver, MCAL etc. ^

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