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Fujitsu Semiconductor Group Environmental Policy

With our customers, we contribute to the protection of a rich global environment, using state-of-the-art technology to provide semiconductor devices with superior environmental characteristics.

Operational Principles

By applying the following principles, we work to prevent pollution of the global environment and reduce the environmental burden of our products throughout their lifecycles, including development, procurement, manufacture, sales, usage, and disposal :

  1. We develop products with outstanding environmental characteristics.
  2. We promote proper management of chemical substances contained in products, packaging materials, etc.
  3. We promote measures to counteract global warming, effective utilization of water and resources, and proper management of wastes.
  4. We promote proper management of chemical substances to prevent pollution of the global environment.
  5. We conform to environmental regulations around the world and keep our promises to customers.
  6. We promote activities to make environmental and social contributions, and to preserve biodiversity.
  7. We effectively and continually improve our environmental management system, and work hard to improve our environmental performance.

Policy Priorities for the Aizu Fujitsu Semiconductor Group

The Aizu Fujitsu Semiconductor Group is focusing on the following priorities, in line with the Fujitsu Semiconductor Group
Environmental Policy.

  • Reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2, PFCs [perfluoro compounds *1])
  • Stronger management of chemicals (PRTR*2 VOC*3)
  • Reduction of amount of waste produced, and promotion of recycling
  • Promotion of effective utilization of water resources
*1 PFC : Perfluoro Compound
*2 PRTR : Pollutant Release and Transfer Register
*3 VOC : Volatile Organic Compound

Environmental activities

Aizu Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited is a company manufacturing semiconductor products used as the brain of computers,mobile phones and home appliances. The company is surrounded by an abundance of nature, featuring the magnificent Mt. Bandai and Lake Inawashiro, home of wild swans. In order to pass this vast and beautiful nature onto the next generation, our company aims to achieve to become the "Green Factory (eco-friendly factories)" with the pursuit of eco-friendly manufacturing based on the concept of "eco-friendly business operations."

Environmental contribution to society

Environmental load data

Fujitsu Group Acquisition of Worldwide Integrated Certification

Our company acquired the global environmental management system certification which complies with ISO 14001.

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Environmental Report

Aizu Fujitsu Semiconductor Group Environmental Report (1.29 MB )