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Case study

Fujitsu offre le soluzioni alle sfide più problematiche. I seguenti case study sono solo un piccolo esempio di come Fujitsu e i clienti di tutta Europa sono stati in grado di superarli insieme. 

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Global case studies

Case study più recenti

  • London Elects
    Fujitsu scanners automate the ballot process for the London election.
  • University of California, Berkeley
    One of UC Berkley’s facility members, Dr. Joonhong Ahn, a professor of nuclear engineering, was overwhelmed with the mounds of paper accumulating in his office. Frustrated by the never-ending stream of incoming reports Dr. Ahn sought to find a solution that would allow him quickly digitize report, handouts, research and other paper documents that had to be archived but readily accessible on demand.
  • Hampshire Constabulary
    A system based around Fujitsu's fi-5120 scanners helps Hampshire police force streamline the way it deals with paperwork.
  • Surrey County Council
    Cary Osborn manages the project to switch from a paper-based system to an electronic format.
  • British Library
    Fujitsu scanners help The British Library digitise its Document Supply Service.
  • Casey Lester accountants
    Accountants Casey Lester use Fujitsu’s desktop scanner, ScanSnap! to ensure all deadlines on tax returns are met – wherever the client is
  • Western States Mortgage and Loan, Inc.
    Mortgage company uses Scansnap to streamline business processes
  • Hospiscare
    John Radcliffe Hospital's Silver Star Unit turns to Fujitsu scanners to digitize patent data
  • Anglia Ruskin University
    Anglia Ruskin University chose fi-6670A scanners from Fujitsu subsidiary PFU to overhaul their student feedback survey process, providing a hybrid system of paper and online surveys and dramatically raising response rates.
  • Spring Personnel
    How recruitment consultancy Spring Personnel slashed paperwork by 90% using Fujitsu’s desktop scanner, ScanSnap!
  • Electronic Cadastre
    Il Catasto Edilizio Greco va in Digitale. Fujitsu ha fornito la tecnologia per digitalizzare, in soli 4 mesi, 200 milioni di documenti relativi a proprietà pubbliche e private di tutto il paese
  • Ryburn Valley High School
    Ryburn Valley High School’s Student Services department identified that the large amounts of paperwork necessary to their day-to-day work was a time consuming activity. By installing a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 at the start of the 2013 academic year, the attendance and bursary offices have seen remarkable improvements in all administrative processes involving paperwork.
  • Gruppo AON
    Grazie alla tecnologia Fujitsu, Aon cambia il modo di archiviare le informazioni
  • Exmoor National Park
    Fujitsu scanners provide an easy-to-use solution enabling Bristol University to comply with UK Border Agency requirements
  • Northampton Borough Council
    Northampton Borough Council chose the compact and reliable Fujitsu fi-5530C desktop when it needed a high-volume workgroup scanner to digitise documents received with freedom of information (FOI) requests as well as digitising all existing paperwork.
  • William Bailey, solicitors
    East London solicitors, William Bailey, use Fujitsu’s desktop scanner, ScanSnap, to cut admin time and speed up paper distribution by 75%
  • Hospiscare
    The Hospiscare charity has recruited Fujitsu scanners to help it comply with the Gift Aid scheme and achieve paperless filing.
  • Dr. Marc Andre Kaulfuss
    Single solution instead of different media and software solutions. Seamless integration in existing document managing solutions.
  • Starwood Hotels
    Seguendo l’esempio di SHERATON ROMA HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER® che l’ha adottata nel 2008, altri alberghi della catena Starwood (15 in Italia e 7 in EMEA) hanno deciso di adottare la soluzione Box Save e la tecnologia Fujitsu per velocizzare e rendere più sicuri i servizi di check-in e check-out
  • Gebrüder Schuon Logistik GmbH
    Cloud Services and More: Schuon Logistik Points the Way
  • Trivella
    Trivella Costruzioni Snellisce le Procedure di Archiviazione dei Documenti Grazie allo Scanner Fujitsu Scansnap S510
  • Brunel University
    Annabel Czajka, PA to Brunel University Vice Chancellor, saves 60 minutes admin time every day using Fujitsu fi-5110EOX2 scanner
  • Rüdiger Götz
    Lawyers can now cost effectively digitize their correspondence, with the ScanSnap from Fujitsu which offers an ideal solution aimed in particular at smaller law firms.
  • AerData
    In 2010, AerData decided to upgrade their scanners to Fujitsu scanners, which were the best all round option available to fulfil their needs.
  • Mexico National Institute of Migration
    Mexico's National Institute of Migration modernizes administrative procedures with the Fujitsu ScanSnap™ scanner
  • Michael Anvoner & Company
    Fujitsu helps solicitors better their customer service
  • University of Bristol
    Fujitsu scanners provide an easy-to-use solution enabling Bristol University to comply with UK Border Agency requirements
  • Circuito della Salute
    Circuito della Salute Più e Mare Termale Bolognese si sono affidati alle soluzioni Fujitsu per l’archiviazione digitale di tutte le pratiche di assistenza sanitaria gestite all’interno delle 14 strutture sanitarie
  • Surrey Scouts
    Scout and Guide event opts for a Fujitsu Scanner system to deal with all the paperwork.
  • Dr. David Ichimura, D.D.S.
    Case study on the use of ScanSnap in Cleaning and Digitizing the Dental Office
  • British Red Cross
    International aid agency British Red Cross use Fujitsu’s desktop scanner, ScanSnap, to speed up and reduce the cost of paper distribution