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Italy Vacon to adopt Fujitsu's Patja services

07 aprile, 2008

The Finland-based AC drives manufacturer Vacon will adopt Fujitsu's Patja IT services. Fujitsu Services Oy will assume overall responsibility for the usability, support services and development of all IT and operative applications used globally in the Vacon Group. The Patja services cover 1,100 workstations in 20 countries.

"Vacon's strategy is to focus on its core competence, the AC drives. As we are a global, rapidly growing company, it is important that the IT and communications technology meets our needs and develops side by side with our business. Fujitsu's global user and on-site support as well as expert services will be available at all our offices. We believe that the Patja services will further improve our operations," says Tuula Hautamäki, Vice President, Human Resources, IT and Process Development.

The Patja services have already been introduced at Vacon, and they will be in full use at the beginning of 2009. Fujitsu will assume responsibility of all workstations, servers, LAN hardware, printers and mobile phones. Additionally, Fujitsu will ensure that the solutions, processes and information security are up-to-date and correctly dimensioned. Special attention is paid to supporting mobile work and that all offices have access to the best possible IT and communications technology. The Patja services meet international standards and the requirements of listed companies.

"Vacon is an interesting and challenging customer, and the Patja services are ideal for Vacon as they can flexibly be extended according to growth. Our regional center in Vaasa will be responsible for all Vacon's user support services except for their operations in China," says Jari Lehtineva, Regional Director, Fujitsu.

About Fujitsu Services

Fujitsu Services is a leading European information technology services company. Its business is helping its customers realise the value of information technology through the application of consulting, systems integration and managed service contracts. It serves customers in the private and public sectors across Europe including retail, financial services, healthcare and government. With an annual turnover of £2.56 billion (€3.22 billion), it employs over 21,000 people across 20 countries. Headquartered in London, Fujitsu Services is the European IT services arm of the US$53 billion (€32.9 billion) Fujitsu Group. Visit or for more information.

Vacon in brief

Vacon was established in 1993 from a passion to develop and produce AC drives globally. It is a matter of honour for Vacon to offer customers efficient, reliable and easy to use means for improving process control and saving energy and costs. Vacon's solutions represent clean technology. They can be used to control the speed of electric motors used by industry and municipal engineering, and in power generation using renewable energy. Vacon provides AC drives in the power range 0.25 kW - 5 MW. Revenues in 2007 totalled EUR 232.2 million.

Tuula Hautamäki

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Vice President, Human Resources, IT and Process Development

Jari Lehtineva

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Satu Pelttari

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Catarina Fant

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Company:Vacon Group

Date: 07 aprile, 2008