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Managed Data Center BS2000

Guarantees maximum security and quality

Managed Data Center BS2000 from Fujitsu is a modular, comprehensive service concept for IT operations run by your BS2000/OSD Business Servers.

Our service modules help you remain flexible and operational, making sure that your BS2000/OSD Business Servers are operated at high levels of security and availability – as required by your business processes.

Whether you need proactive services, like our System Health Check or you want to swap out the whole BS2000 operations, our Services for the Managed Data Center BS2000 cover all the operative processes in a BS2000 environment and is used just as you require. We take on the IT responsibility; the control remains with you.

We thus help you to concentrate on your core business and become more flexible and ensure that your BS2000/OSD Business Server operates without any problems.





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