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Add-on Services

Our add-on services make your rollout a piece of cake and moreover polish up your corporate image.

These services are barely classifiable in Hardware and Software services. In fact, they are really valuable if:
  • you are about to install a large number of systems at different locations (roll-out),
  • you want to have a modified appearance for your systems, e.g. for increasing your company awareness
  • you want to bring our PCs to market again.
Roll-out support provided by Fujitsu smoothes the installation procedure when large numbers of systems are to be installed on-site. By tailoring the servers and PCs to fit into specific environments, the commissioning of each individual system can be planned in advance and the whole process is largely automated.

Showing your company logo expresses strength and power. It creates a close and trusting relationship with your customers and shows them that you are a strong and reliable partner.

To find out more about made4you system designs and logos or neutral and XXL packages, click on the links shown on the right side.




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