The FUJITSU Novo Innovation Service powered the modernisation of an existing cloud application to become fully cloud native, reducing customer running costs and increasing the delivery speed of new features.

UK bank representative
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Financial Organisation

Modernizing Smart Forms through cloud native innovation


This company is one of the UK’s largest financial institutions with over 70,000 employees.


This bank wanted to replace monolithic and siloed Forms systems with a ubiquitous digital Smart Forms SaaS running as a cloud native solution, that would eliminate complex manual building and be more human centric, while speeding up the deployment of new application features.


It turned to strategic partner Fujitsu, which assembled an Agile Squad, consisting of eight handpicked individuals with expertise in the required technology areas of DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud Native App Construction and Business Process Improvement, who together used the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to co-create a new and innovative solution.


  • Elevated security through cloud native application automation, construction and delivery
  • 30% faster deploying daily application updates and changes
  • 27% savings using 100% cloud native construction versus traditional IaaS cloud hosting
  • 20 times faster delivering via Applications Infrastructure as Code for new deployments

Download Full Case Study PDF

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