I highly appreciate the way it enables smooth use of medical image data in the electronic medical record system. It also eliminated frustrating system hang-ups and slow startup.

Dr. Noyuri Kizuki, Director of Kizuki Clinic
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Kizuki Clinic

PRIMERGY improves usability of electronic medical record


Kizuki Clinic is a private clinic that was established in the city of Ritto, Shiga Prefecture in March 2003. It specialises in Surgery, internal medicine, anesthesiology, and gastroenterological surgery as well as pediatrics, orthopedic surgery and dermatology to a limited degree.


The Kizuki Clinic wanted to improve the usability of its electronic medical record system.


In the summer of 2018, the Kizuki Clinic upgraded the servers to FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX1320 M3 (PRIMERGY TX1320 M3) in order to improve the electronic medical record system’s usability.


The new servers are expected to advance “medical care that supports each and every patient,” one of the clinic’s characteristics, and to serve as infrastructure for community healthcare coordination.

Download Full Case Study PDF

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