We thought that PRIMERGY, which is compact with a large capacity, as well as being easy to scale out in the future, would be the best choice.

Keigo Baba, Manager, Sales Promotion Department, PSP Corporation
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PSP Corporation

A timely use of the increasing amount of medical images


Since its establishment in 1989, PSP Corporation has been providing advanced information systems mainly to the medical industry for nearly 30 years. Among medical systems, the company focuses on systems that handle medical images.


PSP needed to develop medical systems in house that would improve access to diagnostic imagery. To do this they looked for a partner that could deploy systems and storage solutions across their hospital range.


PSP adopted PRIMERGY servers as its base for providing various medical systems. By providing an environment that meets the needs of medical practice, including appropriately displaying medical images taken and efficiently saving and managing large amount of data, PSP Corporation has been expanding its customer base by introducing its systems throughout Japan and also internationally.


  • PSP can now store, manage and distribute large amounts of data safely and securely
  • Different hospitals can now cooperate more effectively thanks to the new network for sharing imagery
  • PSP has the flexibility to scale up the server configuration as required
  • Diagnosis efficiency is improved and waiting times are down

Download Full Case Study PDF

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