The lightweight and excellent security of the device itself has greatly impacted work style. Sales staff are using their PCs on visits to clients more and more.

Seiji Kuno, Director Systems System 3 NTT Communications
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NTT Communications

NTT Communications has deployed 13,000 Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U938/S devices


Established in 1999, NTT Communications Corporation is the NTT Group subsidiary responsible for long-distance and international communications services, and is one of the world’s top Tier-1 providers supporting global internet communications.


NTT Communications wanted to innovate its organization and systems to enable digital transformation by deploying a portable device that would offer mobile productivity and optimal security.


The company introduced the concept of the Secured PC, which provides the same robust level of security outside the office as experienced on company premises. The ultra-lightweight and slim mobile Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U938/S was adopted for its excellent portability and ease of use.


  • Productivity increased by 40 percent on the road and 24 percent in the office
  • 98 percent of users responded positively to the new device
  • Data can be accessed securely offline
  • Lightweight form factor encourages mobility
  • NTT Communications is selling the Secured PC concept on to its own customers

Download Full Case Study PDF

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