The PalmSecure™ palm vein authentication system from Fujitsu provides a smart, hygienic and secure way to control access to six security areas within our new office building.

Frank Wrede, Managing Director Bechtle GmbH IT-Systemhaus Dortmund
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Bechtle IT-Systemhaus Dortmund

PalmSecure: secure, easy and hygienic access to offices


With its regional presence and inter-regional strength, Bechtle IT-Systemhaus Dortmund/Meschede is a future-oriented IT partner to companies and public clients. It serves approximately 400 customers in the segments of SMEs, industry, services and public clients. Bechtle’s main areas of expertise include IT strategy consulting, solutions and concepts for the digital workplace, data centers & the cloud, IT security, networking and collaboration as well as operational services.


Bechtle GmbH IT-Systemhaus Dortmund was looking for a smart, contactless and biometric access control process for its approximately 150 employees, as well as freelancers and trainees, at its new company headquarters.


The PalmSecure™ technology from Fujitsu is a contactless, biometric palm vein authentication solution that permits particularly fast and secure employee identification and easy administration of the authorization concepts. The process is also extremely hygienic.


  • Particularly high security through the biometric detection of palm vein patterns and strong encryption of the biometric data
  • Comfortable, fast and hygienic authentication at doors and zones
  • Easy configuration and administration oftime-limited access authorizations
  • Employees are never without their authentication token (hand), and it cannot be lost or transferred to third parties

Download Full Case Study PDF

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