We had a huge project last year as part of the Eurosystem: the Analytical Credit Database Project. We were able to complete it on time and on budget because Fujitsu was able to provide the right people quickly.

Petteri Vuolasto, Head of ICT and Information Management Department Bank of Finland
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Bank of Finland

The Bank of Finland has entered into a framework agreement with Fujitsu


Based in Helsinki, the Bank of Finland is the world’s fourth oldest national central bank and is tasked with fostering economic stability in the region. It is responsible for implementing monetary policy, conducting research and economic policy analysis, investing financial assets, and maintaining the efficiency of payment systems.


Finding the right local technical talent was proving difficult for the Bank of Finland, with recruitment taking months and costing significant sums. It wanted to find a strategic partner that could source the best specialists on its behalf.


Based on a roadmap of upcoming projects, Fujitsu identifies the right internal employees or contractors, interviews them and then sends them to the bank for a final interview. The bank can then meet its technical needs quickly and efficiently, enabling it to respond to changing demands.


  • It can take just one week to onboard a new Fujitsu-sourced employee
  • Fujitsu specialists are rated 4.26 out of five by the whole workforce
  • Predictable pricing makes costs transparent
  • The bank can rely on talented people, enabling agility and flexibility
  • Employees no longer in accordance with project demands can be replaced after two weeks

Download Full Case Study PDF

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