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Tsubame City transforms manufacturing processes to Industry 4.0 with the help of IoT solutions

"It was a positive initiative of bringing in a new wind and leveraging new technology to deal with issues like aging and a decreasing population."

Kazuma Endo, Director Commerce and Industry Promotion Division Industrial Promotion Department Tsubame City

Tsubame City is leveraging Fujitsu’s IoT expertise to boost the productivity of local industry.


Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, has long been known for its Monozukuri (craft of making things), with a long heritage of metal production. In particular, its production of metallic tableware, such as forks and spoons, comprises about 90 percent of Japan’s domestic market share and its metal products are used in an array of products that range from daily household items to industrial machinery.


Tsubame City is a centre of Monozukuri, the craft of making things. It wanted to leverage IoT to maintain the competitiveness and productivity of its companies when work is divided among multiple SMEs and difficulties exist for large scale investment.


Fujitsu’s IoT solution visualized the manufacturing process and made information available in real time in the cloud, making it possible to share information on what was being done and where across multiple companies.


  • Strong results verified in validation experiments conducted for IoT which may commence at low budgets
  • Improved efficiency achieved for work by adding IoT to the conventional work flowables smarter decision making
  • Automatic readings by sensors reduced time required for making entries by about 80 per cent.


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