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Secure, energy-efficient data centres

Our data centres are highly secure, reliable and specifically designed for high availability and connectivity.

Our brand promise

With over 50 years of Data Centre experience we have the knowledge and know-how to work out a solution for you.

Our breadth of capability allows you to consume other Fujitsu services easily and take you up the value chain from Co-location to fully managed service. We can help you make that journey and take you as far as you want to go providing a one stop shop.

Our Operational Standards. Anybody can build a Data Centre but its how you operate it that makes the difference. Fujitsu was the first organisation in Europe to be awarded the Gold Operational sustainability award which is in recognition of Data Centre Operational excellence.

Our Approach to risk – leveraging our Japanese heritage means that we consider risk management very seriously. Excellent service to our customers is what we always strive for and adopting careful risk management in particular to the preventative maintenance at our Data Centre facilities is essential.

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Our green credentials

We are committed to making our data centres as energy efficient as possible. As well as being member of the green grid, we are also an endorser and participant in the EU code of conduct for Data Centres.

We have a dedicated team for improving DC efficiency for ourselves and customers. Energy consumption is now a fundamental part of the costs of running a data centre, contributing around 30-40% of the total cost. Achieving a sustainable reduction in energy bills is a key driver for any business.

Many large organisations are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and the environmental impact of its data centres but do not know how to approach the challenge of energy reduction in the Data Centre.We can offer proven experience in these areas utilising in house or external Data Centre Consultants and ensuring compliance with both local and international benchmarks and legislation.

Fujtisu Green Credentials
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