This revenue agency wanted to minimize tax evasion in the taxi industry and selected Fujitsu to design and deploy a new bill tracking solution, resulting in an increased tax take.

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North American Revenue Agency

Increasing tax take through transparent billing


This revenue agency in Canada is responsible for collecting taxes and for ensuring that each person pays the amount they owe.


This agency wanted to minimize tax evasion in the taxi sector by effectively tracking and logging all transactions in real-time. It needed a partner with the application development skills and proven local experience in similar projects to create and implement the cloud-based solution.


Fujitsu cloud solution for mandatory billing in the remunerated passenger transportation sector including related new economy players


  • Tax evasion has reduced while tax income has risen
  • Larger taxi firms are no longer undercut by competitors
  • Agency has near real-time visibility of about 250k transactions per day

Download Full Case Study PDF