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Fujitsu Cloud in action

Cloud adoption spanning major sectors

Customers are adopting Fujitsu Cloud technology and cloud service solutions in increasing numbers across a growing number of industry sectors. The highly positive results — including lower IT costs, faster-time-to-market, greater business responsiveness — reflect the collaborative, outcome-focused approach that Fujitsu and its network of independent software vendor and consulting partners take to customer cloud adoption.

Government, Education & Healthcare


Utilities & Telecoms

  • CentricaOpen a new window embraces Infrastructure-as–a-Service to improve desktop services
  • MetawaterOpen a new window chooses Fujitsu Cloud Service for Water Business Cloud
  • NTT DOCOMOOpen a new window call on Fujitsu to build and operate new cloud infrastructure
  • Heilongjiang MobileOpen a new window implements Fujitsu Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Financial Services

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) transforms HMRCOpen a new window’s UK operations
  • IPFOpen a new window Poised for Growth with Enhanced IT Environment from Fujitsu

Food & Beverage

Transportation & Logistics